Ugandan Hate Preacher Given Visa to Speak in the UK

Melanie Nathan | Oblogdeeblogda | March 21, 2016 

When Uganda passed its Anti-Homosexuality Act back in December 2013, several religious leaders pushed hard for the Ugandan President to assent to the Bill, which came to be known as The Kill the Gays Bill.  Two such religious leaders include a certain married  couple,  Dr. Joseph Serwadda and  Pastor Freda Serwadda,  from the Victory Christian Centre.  Now the couple will be preaching in the United Kingdom and LGBTI activists are  angry that they have not been banned from entering the United Kingdom.

As can be seen from the poster below, on March 26, at 6 pm until midnight, the Serwaddas will be participating at a rally in East London, at the Rugby Football Club, 71 Holland Road, London E15 3BP in the United Kingdom.

Here is a direct quote from a Ugandan newspaper, at a time when President Yoweri Museveni was wavering on signing the Anti-Gay Bill, because he realized that the Parliament did not have a quorum when passing the legislation:

“Mr Museveni’s views on a piece of legislation that has rattled Western donors were targeting comments made by the head of one of the Pentecostal Churches associations in Uganda, Pastor Joseph Serwadda, calling on the President to sign the Bill against Homosexuality. Pastor Sserwadda told Mr Museveni that he has the backing of the religious leaders and should, therefore, go ahead and assent to the Anti-Pornography Bill and the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as they were passed by Parliament.”

Ugandan LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers,  now living in exile in the United Kingdom, after suffering direct persecution as a result of the anti-gay rhetoric expounded by the likes of  Joseph Serwadda, are incensed that the preacher, who in essence had called for  death to gays,  will be allowed to enter the United Kingdom.

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