The Unrepentant Torturers

CIA director John Brennan. (photo: Getty)
CIA director John Brennan. (photo: Getty)


John Kiriakou | Reader Supported News | April 28, 2016

he cadre of former CIA directors needs to get its act together on the torture issue. Current director John Brennan said recently that no future CIA director would carry out presidential orders to reconstitute a torture program. Brennan hasn’t had any human rights epiphany. He was, after all, the deputy executive director of the CIA under George W. Bush, during which time he did absolutely nothing to stop torture. He said simply that no CIA officer would carry out such an order because the CIA “needs to endure,” and public opinion may not favor such an action.

As pathetic and roundabout a way as Brennan got to the correct conclusion, there are still a few diehard former directors who insist that a torture program is in the national interest, that it’s not a violation of U.S. and international law, and that it actually keeps Americans safe.

Even after the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence concluded, using primary source CIA documents, that torture did not work, that it did not produce any actionable intelligence, and that it did not save American lives (or anyone else’s, frankly), some former CIA directors still cling to the fallacy that torture was a necessary program.

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