Equality Florida: Marion County School Board Adopts anti-Trans bathroom policy

Victoria, LGBTQ youth are now at risk in Marion County.

On Tuesday, the Marion County School Board approved a Gender Inspection resolution that prohibits transgender students from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. This resolution, enforced starting yesterday, stigmatizes transgender and gender nonconforming kids and puts them at risk for further harassment and bullying.

Over 100 people showed up to the School Board meeting where the resolution was brought forward as an “emergency” agenda item just six days after it was introduced.

Unfortunately, this reckless policy passed by a 4-1 vote with School Board Chair Bobby James as the only NO vote. Send a “THANK YOU” note to Chair James and Superintendent George Tomyn for standing against this resolution and advocating on behalf of LGBTQ youth — click here!


I was so honored to stand side-by-side with local advocates who spoke against this dangerous Gender Inspection resolution that puts transgender students at risk. A HUGE thank you to the members of the community who bravely joined us at the hearing – thanks to you, the majority of testimony last night was from folks in strong opposition to this reckless resolution, and I know we sent our message loud and clear.

We know the bottom line: transgender girls are girls and belong in the girls’ room. Transgender boys are boys and belong in the boys’ room. But the most important thing to know is that transgender people visit the restroom for the same reason as everyone else — to use it. And when they do, they want privacy, safety, and respect just like everyone else.

While we lost the battle this week, our work in Marion County is far from over. Let us see this moment not as a defeat, but as a call to action. Right now, we need every single person who supports equality to lean in and help us continue to promote the safety and wellbeing of LGBTQ students across the state.

Please take a moment and send a “Thank You” note to Chair James and Superindenent Tomyn for standing with LGBTQ youth in Marion County. 

Hannah Willard
Policy & Outreach Coordinator
Equality Florida


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