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Gene Elder interviews photographer Susan Riley

Louise Brooks as she appeared in the 1930 film Prix de Beauté

Louise Brooks as she appeared in the 1930 film “Prix de Beauté”

Gene Elder | Out In San Antonio | September 20, 2015

My shots of Elvis Presley from a concert here in San Antonio have been lost to the universe.”

Gene: Hi, Susan. Welcome to my humble Chartreuse Couch. I am so glad you could be here to talk about your photography for Fotoseptiembre. Just move those pillows over and sit and feel the love.

Susan: Hey, there, Gene. Thank you for having me! You know, you and I go all the way back to my humble beginnings in photography in the early ’70s. What should we talk about today?

Gene: Well, let’s just start with the recent and surprising collection of work you exhibited at the San Antonio Little Theatre. Amazing research!

Susan: Thanks! Remember, they switched the name to The Playhouse. The work was being shown there because they were presenting Funny Girl last summer and my current project deals with actors, entertainers.

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How Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘I Am Cait’ Still Made Big Impact Despite the Ratings

How Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘I Am Cait’ Still Made Big Impact Despite the Ratings
Daniel Holloway | The Wrap | Yahoo News | September 13, 2105

Hit TV shows are rare. “I Am Cait” is a unicorn.

A reality series that delivered mediocre ratings in the wake of a much-watched premiere, it’s cultural effect extends beyond it audience. The show has been praised by LGBTQ advocates for its portrayal of Caitlyn Jenner’s life as she navigates gender transition, and credited alongside Amazon’s “Transparent” and Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” for contributing to wider media acceptance of transgender people.

What remains to be seen is whether “I Am Cait’s” contradictory success–a hit show with non-hit ratings–will have any effect on the reality TV landscape.

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Big friends in small places: Journalists rubbing elbows with politicians


RT America | September 8, 2015

A new report asks if the close relationship between the media and politicians is getting too friendly, as news comes out that President Obama chatted with local press while in Alaska. Legal and media analyst “Lionel” from LionelMedia talks with Anya Parampil and diagnoses the problem.

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Caitlyn Jenner labels Bruce a ‘traditionalist,’ haters fire back (VIDEO)

 | Yahoo News | September 5, 2015

In the latest edition of the public trying to figure out Caitlyn Jenner, the reality TV star’s interview on Ellen didn’t help to clear anything up.

During her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that will air next week, Jenner tried to explain the evolution of her views on gay marriage, much to the confusion and chagrin of Ellen and the bemusement of commenters online.

She said, “I was not for it! I thought, ‘I’m a traditionalist…’ I kind of like tradition, and [marriage] was always between a man and a woman. And I’m thinking, ‘I don’t quite get it…'”

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Catching up with the staff of the Barb

Gar Smith, Diana Stephens, Judy Gumbo, and John Jekabson will be celebrating the Berkeley Barb's 50th anniversary Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle / ONLINE_YES

Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle


Sam Whiting | San Francisco Chronical | August 2, 2015

The Berkeley Barb has not been seen in print, or any other form, for 35 years. But it is still fresh in the minds of those who worked there. So what became of them? Here is what we found out.

Gar Smith

Age: 71

Town: Oakland

Years at the Barb: 1966-78

Job at the Barb: Staff writer, associate editor

Job after the Barb: Art director, writer for Friends of the Earth

Job or status now: Director, Environmentalists Against War; Author of “Nuclear Roulette” (2012)

Single favorite memory of the Barb: “The Berkeley police arrested and handcuffed me on Telegraph one afternoon when they spotted me taping a poster for the San Francisco Mime Troupe to a utility pole. They made a point of addressing me by name. Before I was locked up I was given one phone call. I dialed the Barb. Several hours later, I was magically released. Max (Scherr) paid my bail. And I wasn’t even on assignment.”

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Watch: American rock band Foo Fighters ‘rick roll’ anti-gay Westboro picketers

Sylvia Tan | Gay Star News | August 23, 2015

Targeted by protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church, American rock band Foo Fighters who were due to play at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday responded with a ‘rick roll.’

The band rolled past the protesters on a pickup truck, blasting Rick Astley’s 1987 single Never Gonna Give You Up.

The meme was so named after being used in ‘rick roll’ pranks to fool others into watching the music video.

Band members danced on the bed of the truck, holding up signs that read ‘You got rick roll’d again’ and ‘Keep it clean’ alongside a hunky unidentified man wearing a purple T-shirt and speedos to loud cheers.

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Ellen DeGeneres Has A Message For All Those Who Are Different

 | Huffington Post | August 17, 2015

Different is beautiful.

That was the message Ellen DeGeneres chose to share when she took the stage at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday to accept the award for Choice Comedian. The 57-year-old, who was celebrating her seventh wedding anniversary to wife Portia de Rossi that night, used the moment to empower those who may feel like they don’t fit in.

“It feels good to be chosen, but there was a time in my life that I was not chosen,” DeGeneres told the crowd at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles. “I was the opposite of chosen, because I was different. And I think I want to make sure that everyone knows that what makes you different right now makes you stand out later in life. So you should be proud of being different. Be proud of who you are.”

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