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Will Peace Find a 2016 Advocate?

Hillary Clinton. (photo: AP)
Hillary Clinton. (photo: AP)


Robert Parry | Consortium News | Reader Supported News | August 29, 2015


Campaign 2016 has offered few useful ideas about worsening global crises. On the Republican side, it’s been mostly the same-old tough talk while Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have said little. Is there a way to break through the frozen thinking about world conflicts, asks Robert Parry.


t least since the 1980s – when Ronald Reagan made war seem like fun again and the modern mainstream media took shape – the Democratic Party has lacked a coherent foreign policy, highlighted today by the fact that its top 2016 presidential candidates have largely evaded the topic in favor – almost exclusively – of domestic issues.

Part of the problem is that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has a record of pandering to the neoconservatives during her time as a U.S. senator from New York and as Secretary of State. She voted for the Iraq War in 2002 and, while President Barack Obama’s top diplomat, supported what some call “liberal interventionism,” which is barely distinguishable from neoconservatism.

Indeed, arch-neocon Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the infamous Project for the New American Century, said – in his praise of Clinton’s aggressive foreign policy – that he was ready to jettison the term “neoconservative” in favor of the phrase “liberal interventionist.”

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Change Everything or Face a Global Katrina

Naomi Klein. (photo: Rolling Stone)
Naomi Klein. (photo: Rolling Stone)


Naomi Klein | The Leap | Reader Supported News | August 29, 2015

or me, the road to This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate begins in a very specific time and place. The time was exactly ten years ago. The place was New Orleans, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The road in question was flooded and littered with bodies.

Today I am posting, for the first time, the entire section on Hurricane Katrina from my last book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Rereading the chapter 10 years after the events transpired, I am struck most by this fact: the same military equipment and contractors used against New Orleans’ Black residents have since been used to militarize police across the United States, contributing to the epidemic of murders of unarmed Black men and women. That is one way in which the Disaster Capitalism Complex perpetuates itself and protects its lucrative market.

This material is free for reproduction.

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The new oppressed – religions claim underdog status in same-sex marriage debate

One wonders where this new sensitivity to hurt feelings was as generations of young gay and lesbian people were marginalised, denied basic respect, and actively discriminated against?

One wonders where this new sensitivity to hurt feelings was as generations of young gay and lesbian people were marginalised, denied basic respect, and actively discriminated against? Photo: AP


  | The Age | August 27, 2015


Churches are upset about lack of respect for their views in the same-sex marriage debate – how ironic is that?

Who would have predicted that out of the robust debate around marriage equality we would see the crystallisation of a whole new victim class: the persecuted mainstream.

Writing in Fairfax Media on Monday, Dr Mark D Thompson, principal of the Moore Theological College, added his name to the chorus of Christian and conservative figures lamenting a lack of respect and an absence of courtesy in the same-sex marriage debate.

They might consider the callous treatment meted out to homosexuals and others – real people in the real world for whom the churches have been at best, useless, and sometimes, central to entrenched discrimination.

A cynical observer might wonder unkindly if there isn’t an element of desperation here. Certainly that is what numerous polls tell us.

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I Never Know How a Man Is Going to React to My Past – and My Genitalia

Zoe Dolan | The Guardian | AlterNet | August 27, 2015

Once I was living as a woman, but before I had surgery, my dreams were bounded by what I came to identify as The Cinderella Syndrome. I could go out and experience magic on the dancefloor with men. But I always dreaded what I sought most: a moment of intimacy. At that point my coach would turn back into a pumpkin and my gown would disappear in an instant.

When I was studying abroad in Leiden, Holland, during law school, I met a handsome Italian whom I’ll call Adriano. At a get-together with other students, he stared across the room at me the whole evening. I tried to ignore what was happening, to no avail. I could not sustain conversation with whomever I was talking to. After a few minutes I got up to leave; but he intercepted me. The next thing I knew, I was in a conversation with him, trying to catch the breath he was taking away.

Adriano was tall and broad-shouldered, with curly dark brown hair and clear golden brown eyes. He spoke fluent English with a slight Italian accent. He had recently decided on law as an undergraduate major. He had the opportunity to come check out the Netherlands and thought he’d take the adventure north to broaden his mind. Basically, he was perfect.

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A Rigged Economy

Robert Reich. (photo: Richard Morgenstein)
Robert Reich. (photo: Richard Morgenstein)


Robert Reich | Robert Reich’s Facebook Page | Reader Supported News | August 27, 2015

eventy-seven million boomers are within sight of retirement – and most don’t have nearly what they’ll need for retirement. Social Security covers a decreasing portion. They haven’t been able to save because their real wages have flattened over their lifetimes and the Great Recession drained whatever savings they had.

Right-wingers want to make this a generational battle between boomers and Millennials – the same “divide-and-conquer” strategy the right has used over race, ethnicity, the middle class and the poor, unionized versus non-unionized, public employee versus private employee.

But the real problem is a rigged economy that for decades has siphoned off almost all economic gains to the top. Forty years ago defined benefits were the normal pension. Twenty years ago, defined contributions were the norm. Now it’s do-it-yourself.

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Consequences of St. Louis nuke legacy emerge


RT America | August 27, 2015

The Army Corps of Engineers are cleaning up the area around Coldwater Creek, where a chemical plant stored radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project for several decades. They just found that residential backyards near the creek are now radioactive. The Resident discusses. Follow The Resident at

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Bottom Line on Wall Street: Watch Your Wallets

Robert Reich. (photo: Getty Images)
Robert Reich. (photo: Getty Images)


Robert Reich | Robert Reich’s Facebook | Reader Supported News | August 26. 2015

hat’s happening to the stock market? It’s lost billions over the last few days, then late this morning gained some back. The consensus view is global investors are panicked about (1) the apparent inability of China’s leaders to deal with China’s stock-market bubble and gigantic debt load, which could mean China’s economy is in even worse shape than commonly thought, and (2) the likelihood the Fed will raise interest rates in September – which would not just end the era of cheap money but cause worldwide speculators, who have borrowed cheaply in order to invest in high-risk but higher-return assets, to lose their shirts.

But that’s not all.The immediate cause of drop was short-selling (i.e. betting the market will drop) by Wall Street and other global moneyed interests, who have been making a fortune for the last few years on market volatility – placing bets the market will rise (just before it does) and then betting it will fall (just before it does). These bets are self-fulfilling prophesies because so many pension funds, insurance funds, mutual funds, and sovereign-wealth funds follow the leaders – leaving small investors holding the bag. The leaders also have the benefit of inside information unavailable to most other investors (insider trading is now common on the Street, as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the federal courts have relaxed scrutiny.)

Bottom line: Watch your wallets.

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