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Justice Roy Moore compares marriage equality to segregation as he accepts civil rights award

Roy Moore (Fox News)

 | Raw Story | April 21, 2015

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore compared marriage equality to state-imposed segregation after a group of black pastors compared him to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Coalition of African-American Pastors honored Moore on Friday with the group’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail Courage Award” for his efforts to fight marriage equality, reported Left In Alabama.

Moore said the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson – recognized as one of the worst in American history – could be applied to the same-sex marriage case the court will consider later this month.

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Supreme Court: Police Can’t Delay Traffic Stops to Investigate Crimes Absent Suspicion

Colorado Springs police officer Andrew Genta and his dog Vader demonstrate a narcotic search on a vehicle in August 2013. (photo: Matthew Staver/Bloomberg News)
Colorado Springs police officer Andrew Genta and his dog Vader demonstrate a narcotic search on a vehicle in August 2013. (photo: Matthew

Orin Kerr | The Washington Post | Reader Supported News | April 22, 2015

he Supreme Court handed down a notable Fourth Amendment ruling this morning in Rodriguez v. United States, holding that the Fourth Amendment does not allow the police to extend the duration of a traffic stop without reasonable suspicion, even for just a “de minimis” amount of time, for reasons unrelated to vehicle and driver safety. The vote was 6-3, with Justice Ginsburg writing for the majority and Justices Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito dissenting. I’m pleased with the Court’s opinion. The Court’s holding, and the reasoning, matches up well with the approach I have suggested.

The issue in the case: When the police make a routine traffic stop, can the police delay the duration of the stop, even just for a small amount of time, to wait for drug sniffing dogs, absent any articulable suspicion to believe that there are drugs in the car? The Court has previously held that officers are allowed to use drug-sniffing dogs at a traffic stop so long as the use of the dogs does not delay the stop. This case raises the flip question: What if use of the dogs delays the stop just a little bit. Is that okay? How much leeway do the police have on the duration of the stop, given that a traffic stop is a seizure and its duration would normally determine how reasonable the delay is?

The case may ring a bell for regular readers, as I’ve blogged about it a bunch of times. My prior posts include this post when the lower court ruled; this post when the Court granted cert, this video after the grant, and this post after the Supreme Court’s argument.

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Fox pundit belittles transgender kids: It’s like thinking you are a ‘cocker spaniel’

Tammy Bruce speaks to Fox News (screen grab)


 | Raw Story | April 22, 2015


Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce argued this week that a school lesson about tolerance had been wrong because being transgender made as much sense to children as thinking they were a “cocker spaniel.”

During a “Trouble With Schools” segment on Wednesday’s edition of Fox & Friends, host Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested that officials at Mitchell Primary School in Maine read children a story about a transgender girl “as a plan or an indoctrination on the part of the school to get to kids first.”

“This is about conditioning, and not just of the children, but of the parents as well,” Bruce agreed. “The implication here is that if you are left to your own devices as a parent, something will go wrong, that they have to intervene. That of course, has got to be rejected.”

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Ohio cop left a gay man handcuffed in the road where he was badly injured — and now he may have to pay

Jimmy Coil (Facebook)

 | Raw Story | April 22, 2015

An Ohio police officer may be held liable for injuries suffered by a gay man he left handcuffed in the road after questioning, an appeals court ruled.

The 6th District Court of Appeals ruled last week that Jeffrey Kamerer, a Wells Township police officer, did not have reasonable suspicion to search two men he spotted on a guardrail on Christmas 2011, reported Courthouse News.

Jimmy Coil and his boyfriend, Barry Starcher, were on their way home when the officer approached and asked their names, and the officer became enraged when they refused and turned to walk away.

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‘There are real law enforcement problems’ with Freddie Gray incident – US Marshal

RT News | Apr 22, 2015

The Baltimore Police Department is coming under growing criticism following Freddie Gray’s death in police custody. Concerns include the use of excessive force and the failure of officers to follow police protocol. Ben Swann spoke to former US Marshal Matthew Fogg, who said there wasn’t enough evidence even to arrest the 25-year-old.

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Police related deaths: on the rise or getting more coverage?

RT News | April 22, 2015

Reports of police killing civilians are getting a lot more attention from the media. However, is this a new trend or are more people catching the cops in the act on their smartphones? Manila Chan looks at the numbers.

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WATCH: Florida Republican cuts 10-year-old boy off as he testifies against anti-LGBT ‘revenge’ bill

Florida state Rep. Charles McBurney (R) [YouTube]

 | Raw Story | April 9, 2015

A Florida state legislator seems to scoff at a 10-year-old boy as he curtails the boy’s testimony against a bill restricting same-sex couples’ adoption rights, Slate reported.

Footage from a state House Judiciary Committee shows the boy, Nathaniel Gill, beginning to explain his opposition to the measure, which would allow private adoption agencies to cite religious objections as a reason not to place a child with same-sex parents.

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