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Scott Walker’s wife and sons disagree with him on same-sex marriage

Scott Walker (Fox News)


 | Raw Story | July 6, 2015

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker drew criticism last week for his strident response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage – which he called a “grave mistake.”

The Republican’s wife and two adult sons didn’t even agree with his stance, reported the Washington Post.

Tonette Walker said she heard immediately from the couple’s two sons, Matt and Alex, who are taking time off from college to take part in their father’s presidential campaign, which he will officially announce July 13.

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Silence Around Who Is Burning Black Churches Speaks Volumes

People pray near the burnt ruins of the Mt. Zion AME Church in Greeleyville, South Carolina. (photo: Getty Images)
People pray near the burnt ruins of the Mt. Zion AME Church in Greeleyville, South Carolina. (photo: Getty Images)


Kristen West Savali | The Root | Reader Supported News | July 6, 2015

Dylann Roof put bullet-holes through the faith of Mother Emanuel AME Church and whoever is burning black churches is attempting to burn that faith to the ground. Why is this not a national concern?


here is something both sinister and cowardly about trying to destroy Black Jesus.

Black churches in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee have burned in the weeks following the terrorist attack on Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. that killed 9 people. In response, agents of the state and mainstream media have attempted to gaslight black America into believing that the smoke choking our collective souls is imagined.

Lightning, that was it. Maybe some delinquent kid or faulty electrical wiring. According to the Department of Justice, “Preliminary investigations indicate that two of the fires were started by natural causes and one was the result of an electrical fire…If in fact there is evidence to support hate crime charges in any one of these cases, the FBI, in coordination with the ATF and local authorities, will work closely with the Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices to bring those forward.”

Is it possible that these fires can be easily explained away by bad lightning or bad luck? Maybe. Is it likely? Absolutely not.

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As Bernie Sanders’ Popularity Surges, Democrats Question Socialist Label

Supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful senator Bernie Sanders hold signs during a Fourth of July parade on Saturday in Waukee, Iowa. (photo: Scott Morgan/Reuters)
Supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders hold signs during a Fourth of July parade on Saturday in Waukee, Iowa. (photo: Scott Morgan/Reuters)


Jana Kasperkevic | Guardian UK | Reader Supported News | July 6, 2015

The self-described democratic socialist fends off tough questions and maintains Hillary Clinton ‘is the candidate of the Democratic establishment’


s he surges in the polls, closing the gap on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is being taken increasingly seriously as a potential presidential candidate.

In a 10-minute interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Sanders – an independent senator from Vermont running for the Democratic nomination as a self-described “democratic socialist” – fended off tougher questions about that identification than he had previously been asked.

Repeating a familiar line from his campaign and TV appearances so far, he said his popularity was in part due to the fact that ordinary American voters wanted a candidate who was willing to take on the establishment.

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Obama’s ISIS strategy: ‘It will not be quick’


RT News | Jul 6, 2015

President Barack Obama announced intentions to stay with his current military strategy to fight the threat of the Islamic State extremist group, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, during a speech at the Pentagon Monday, even though lawmakers and defense officials have been critical of the current plans. Alexey Yaroshevsky takes a look at the speech and speaks with Manila Chan.

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NYPD Destroyed Evidence Showing Cops Issued 850,000 Bogus Summonses to Meet Quotas

Former New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly. (photo:
Former New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly. (photo:


Stephen Rex Brown | New York Daily News | Reader Supported News | July 6, 2015

he NYPD and city lawyers are engaging in a “stunning pattern” of evidence destruction in a high-stakes class-action case alleging cops have issued 850,000 bogus summonses due to a quota system, new documents charge.

Attorneys for the city have failed to turn over even one email from the files of former Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly or former Chief of Department Joseph Esposito regarding summons activity over the last eight years, attorney Elinor Sutton writes in new filings in Manhattan Federal Court seeking sanctions against the city.

“It is simply not tenable that Commissioner Kelly and Chief Esposito did not — in the entire period of 2007 through the present — write or receive emails using terms” related to the word “summons,” Sutton writes.

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NE: Gage County issues first same sex marriage license

T.J. Saathoff and Jason Holcombe

In House, liberals side with Clinton over Sanders

Greg Nash

Sanders, a liberal icon, has emerged as a surprisingly strong candidate since launching his campaign two months ago, raising $15 million and making huge gains on Clinton recently among Democratic voters in Iowa, which will host the country’s first presidential caucus.

Yet at least 26 Democrats representing the 69-member Congressional Progressive Caucus –– a bastion of liberal thinking that Sanders helped to launch –– have already endorsed Clinton, according to a tally being kept by The Hill.

The list includes liberal stalwarts like Reps. Rosa DeLaura (D-Conn.) and Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) –– both forceful voices in the recent trade debate that Clinton was reluctant to enter –– and Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), three vociferous critics of an Iraq War that Clinton, as a New York senator, supported.

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