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Stand Up for gay rights: A sporting dynasty with different goals in mind

Samantha Lane | The Age | May 15, 2015

Steven, Brent and Angie Greene at their parents' bayside home.

Steven, Brent and Angie Greene at their parents’ bayside home. Photo: Penny Stephens

It is a family of rare sporting pedigree, and yet it could also be any family. Loving, supportive, solid. Nuclear-looking, even, from the outside. And yet not without a degree of delicate challenge.

Angie Greene grew up surrounded by exceptional sportsmen. Her granddad, Frank Sedgman, won 22 grand slam titles across three disciplines, five of which were in singles competition.

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AFL leaders combine in fight against prejudices

Club captains and Brownlow medallists, Collingwood’s senior coach and the bosses of the AFL Players Association and AFL, have united in a campaign to mark the international day against homophobia and transphobia Photo: AFL

Her dad, Russell, was a highly decorated Australian Rules footballer. Making his debut for St Kilda as a 16-year-old, Russell became a hero in a famous triple premiership dynasty at Hawthorn. He was voted the VFL’s most valuable player in 1984 and retired having notched 304 games.

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Let the boycotts begin: Salesforce and NCAA slam Indiana for passing anti-LGBT law

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff (Tech Crunch/Flickr Commons)

 | Raw Story | March 26, 2015

The cloud computing company Salesforce and the National College Athletic Association have both condemned Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R)’s decision to sign into law a “religious freedom” bill that many rights advocates say could lead to anti-LGBT discrimination.

After Gov. Pence signed the bill on Thursday, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff announced via Twitter that he would be making good on his threat to cancel all of the company’s programs in Indiana.

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Keith Olbermann calls on sports leagues to abandon ‘medieval’ Indiana over anti-gay law

ESPN's Keith Olbermann (screen grab)

 | Raw Story | March 26, 2015

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann has called on the National College Athletic Association and National Football League to boycott Indiana until the state repeals a new law that protects businesses that refuse to provide services to same-sex couples.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act on Thursday, saying in a statement that “many people of faith feel their religious liberty is under attack by government action.”

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Vietnam bans trans women from national football championships

Darren Wee | Gay Star News | February 2, 2015

The Vietnam Football Federation said Thursday (29 January) transgender woman are banned from the national women’s tournament when it kicks off in March.

‘The national championship is exclusively for women, so transsexuals will not be allowed,’ said Duong Nghiep Khoi, vice secretary of the federation.

‘This regulation is to ensure fair competition and for the development of Vietnam women’s football.’

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A Big, Gay Ad Is Going Up Outside Super Bowl Stadium

Photo: Courtesy of Scruff.

All eyes will be on Phoenix this Sunday for the Super Bowl. And, many of those eyes will be met by a big, gay-themed ad.

Dating app Scruff bought a billboard outside the University of Phoenix Stadium, just in time for the big game. The 48-foot ad shows two guys in a locker room making eyes at each other, with the slogan “Play On Our Team.” It’s a plug for the service, obviously, but also a nice addition to the (still pretty bro-ed out) world of sports and sports advertising.

In a press release, Scruff explained why it bought the ad: “At a time when professional NFL players like Michael Sam and Kwame Harris bravely come out to the world and some coaches admit to not wanting gay players on their teams, [Scruff]… is sending a message to the NFL — by putting up a Phoenix billboard advertisement that’s certain to start a conversation about perception and acceptance among both gay and straight sports fans.”

In a year that ended with marriage equality in more than 35 states, the NFL still lags behind. Sam, the star Missouri defensive end who made headlines for kissing his boyfriend on TV when he got drafted by the Rams, got cut before the season started — leaving the nearly 1,700-player NFL without an openly gay player.

But, while we wait for professional sports to catch up, it’s nice to know that gay athletes and fans will have a little representation at the Super Bowl this year.

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Citizens foot the bill for Super Bowl security, NFL makes millions

Olympic Committee Will Add Sexual Orientation To Charter’s Non-Discrimination Language

Curtis M. Wong | Huffington Post | December 8, 2014

In what’s already being hailed as “a great step forward,” the International Olympic Committee has taken a significant move against future intolerance toward the lesbian, gay and bisexual community in the Olympic Games.

The Chicago Tribune reports that IOC members unanimously voted to approve a recommendation which adds non-discrimination language regarding sexual orientation to the Olympic Charter.

“The enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set forth in this Olympic Charter shall be secured without discrimination of any kind, such as race, color, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status,” the Charter now reads, according to the publication.

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