Elizabeth Warren: GOP ‘Ringing the Dinner Bell’ for Lobbyists

Sen Harry Reid and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. (photo: Greg Nash/Getty)
Sen Harry Reid and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. (photo: Greg Nash/Getty)


Tim Devaney | The Hill | Reader Supported News | May 18, 2016

en. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and fellow Democrats are vowing to block Republican efforts to roll back controversial regulations.

Warren on Wednesday slammed the GOP for connecting policy riders that would overturn regulations to must-pass government funding bills.

In recent years, Republicans have turned to policy riders in an attempt to cut off regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, Labor Department and other federal agencies.

“It’s like ringing the dinner bell for lobbyists,” Warren said. “They are swarming this place, because they have all sorts of goodies they want to sneak into” the government spending bills.

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Major Wins: Two Federal Agencies Announce New Policies to Include LGBTQ People


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Major Wins: Two Federal Agencies Announce New Policies to Include LGBTQ People

Task Force Worked with U.S. Office of Personnel Management on Nondiscrimination Protections for LGBTQ employees, U.S.A.I.D. on LGBT Vision for Action

WASHINGTON, DC, July 29, 2014 — The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is celebrating a double win for equality with important policy announcements from federal agencies.

The Office of Personnel Management published a final rule updating its nondiscrimination policy. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced its new “LGBT Vision for Action,” which provides a framework for the agency’s ongoing and new projects to serve LGBTQ communities worldwide.

“Today’s announcements from the Office of Personnel Management and USAID together represent an important leap forward both domestically and internationally toward LGBTQ freedom and justice,” said Rev Darlene Nipper, Task Force Deputy Executive Director.

The Office of Personnel Management’s new rule adds gender identity as an explicitly protected class under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and clarifies that sexual orientation is a protected class under civil service laws. In November 2013, the Task Force submitted recommendations on amending the agency’s nondiscrimination policy along with a coalition of groups.

In their “LGBT Vision for Action,” USAID has adopted recommendations made by the Task Force that includes a plan to integrate the “Do No Harm” approach into their international LGBT work and the integration of LGBT concerns into existing sectoral programming (for example, making food security, education, social services, and other programs LGBTQ-competent).

“We look forward to delivering more wins as we work with our government to achieve full equality for all LGBTQ people and their families,” Nipper said.


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