‘Trans 100’ List, Honoring Transgender Pioneers, Unveiled By We Happy Trans And This Is H.O.W.

 | Huffington Post | April 9, 2013

We Happy Trans, a website that celebrates the positive experiences of transgender people, and This is H.O.W., a Phoenix-based trans advocacy organization, have teamed up for the first-ever “Trans 100” list.

The list began as an idea by This Is H.O.W. Executive Director Antonia D’orsay, then developed in partnership with Jen Richards of We Happy Trans.

A week ago, Trans 100 held its annual celebration of transgender advocates in Chicago where Janet Mock and Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler were keynote speakers.

The inaugural Trans 100 list, composed of transgender people from all over the United States was created with the intention of shifting the coverage of transgender issues by focusing on the positive work that is being accomplished, and providing visibility to those typically underrepresented.

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