There was no violence in Nevada convention. I was there 8 hours – Nina Turner


RT America | May 18, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders issued a stinging rebuke to the Democratic Party’s leadership for criticizing his supporters’ protests at the Nevada convention last weekend, saying it had used its power “to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place.” The mainstream media has used the word “violence” to describe some political angst vented by Bernie backers that night. However, not everybody agrees with that assessment, as Nina Turner, national surrogate for the Bernie Sanders campaign, tells RT America’s Ed Schultz.

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Donald Trump’s Attempt to Destroy Press Freedom Is Reminiscent of 1930’s Fascists

Robert Reich | Robert Reich’s Facebook Page | Reader Supported News | May 15, 2016

f Donald Trump’s many fascistic tendencies, his treatment of the media — “disgusting reporters” he calls them – replicates the tactics of demagogues since the 1930s:

1. Banning not just reporters but even publications that have covered him negatively from covering at his public events, while giving campaign credentials to extremist outlets like “Political Cesspool,” a radio show that labels itself “pro-white.”

2. Inciting crowds against the media.Trump regularly whips his crowds into an anti-media frenzy and urges his fans to boo the press pen. Hostile rhetoric toward the press is a staple of his events. “I would never kill them, but I do hate them,” he said of the press in December. “And some of them are such lying, disgusting people.”

3. Throwing reporters out of Trump rallies. Last weekend, Michael Mayo, a columnist for Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, was threatened with arrest if he didn’t leave a Trump rally in West Boca after he entered through the public line and tried to film protesters. The campaign has reportedly begun to intersperse plainclothes security officers amid the crowd to root out anyone who is not a true Trump fan.

4. Using violence against reporters. Two weeks ago, a Secret Service officer watching over the press section choked Time photographer Chris Morris and slammed him to the ground when he tried to venture out of the media pen.

5. Threatening the media with libel. Last month, Trump vowed to make libel laws more punitive against the media if he becomes president. “I’m going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money,” Trump said during a campaign event in Texas.

A free society depends on a free press. Which is why demagogues and fascists like Trump seek to destroy press freedom.

What do you think?

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Violence at rallies: Will Trump give an answer to ongoing tensions at events?


RT America | March 14, 2016

Over the past week, violence has broken out at multiple rallies for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Other politicians have condemned Trump for paying the legal bills for one supporter who assaulted a protester at a North Carolina rally. RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by Crystal Wright and former Rep. Bob Barr (R-Georgia) to discuss whether Trump is responsible for the actions of his supporters.

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Chicago has deadliest start to a year in nearly 2 decades


RT America | March 2, 2016

More than 100 people died violently in Chicago at the beginning of 2016, making it the deadliest kick off to a year since the late 1990s. Gang violence fueled by social media and lax sentencing guidelines for gun arrests are being blamed by officials for the uptick, however the shutting down of schools and high unemployment rates are being pointed to by scholars as the cause, as RT America’s Ashlee Banks reports.

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Mexico Violence Never Ends, 5 More Disappeared by Police

A masked Mexican soldier patrols the streets of Veracruz. (photo: AFP)
A masked Mexican soldier patrols the streets of Veracruz. (photo: AFP)


teleSUR  | Reader Supported News | January 15, 2016

“It’s hell” in Mexico says father of boy disappeared by police bringing to 27 the enforced disappearances in eight days.


our police officers were detained in Mexico’s violence-ridden state of Veracruz Thursday for suspected involvement in the forced disappearance of five youth. A father and relative of one of the five said “Imagine the hell” when you find out your loved ones have been disappeared by the authorities.

“Imagine, it’s hell here … something similar happened to me seven years ago when they took my father, they asked for ransom, which I paid, and today I still don’t know where he is,” Bernardo Benitez told Aristegui Noticias.

“Why do they do it? I don’t understand. In the case of my son and nephew, I am sure that more than four police took part in the enforced disappearance, but the authorities will ignore all the rest who are involved.”

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10 Ways This Was A Banner Year For Transgender People

Andrea James | Queerty | December 29, 2015

In a year of remarkable progress for transgender visibility and rights, it’s tough to pick the top stories, let alone place them in any particular order.

This list focuses on North America in general and the United States in particular, reflecting North America’s leading role on many fronts of the movement.

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US support of gay rights in Africa may have done more harm than good Read more: Follow us: @theage on Twitter | theageAustralia on Facebook

Norimitsu Onishi | The Age | December 23, 2015

Lagos: Suspicious neighbours and landlords pry into their private lives. Blackmailers hunt for victims on the social media sites they use to meet other men. Police officers routinely stop them to search for incriminating images and chats on their phones.

After an anti-gay law went into effect last year, many gay Nigerians say they have been subjected to new levels of harassment, even violence.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Initiative for Equal Rights, a gay rights group in Lagos, Nigeria, in October.Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Initiative for Equal Rights, a gay rights group in Lagos, Nigeria, in October. Photo: New York Times


They blame the law, authorities and broad social intolerance for their troubles. But they also blame an unwavering supporter whose commitment to their cause has been unquestioned and overt across Africa: the US government.

“The US support is making matters worse,” said Mike, 24, a university student studying biology in Minna, a town in central Nigeria who asked that his full name not be used for safety reasons. “There’s more resistance now. It’s triggered people’s defence mechanism.”

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U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border: Washington Post

Reuters | Yahoo News | December 23, 2015

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has begun preparing for a series of raids that would target for deportation hundreds of families who have flocked to the United States since the start of last year, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

Citing people familiar with the operation, the Post said the nationwide campaign to deport the illegal immigrants by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could start as soon as early January.

It would be the first large-scale effort to deport families who have fled violence in Central America, the newspaper said.

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$20m global initiative announced to end anti-trans violence, discrimination

Darren Wee | Gay Star News | December 9, 2015

The Arcus Foundation will give $15 million over the next five years to transgender activists and organizations. NoVo will commit $1 million to the initiative, and other partners will contribute at least $4 million.

‘The Global Trans Initiative is a coordinated response to the alarming and pervasive range of disparities found within transgender communities,’ said Kevin Jennings, Arcus’ executive director.

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Domestic Terrorists Gunning for Planned Parenthood


Since the recent massacre in Paris, conservative politicians have been ginning up fear of a terrorist attack in the homeland. They were right. On Friday, November 27, terrorism once again hit the U.S., claiming the lives of one police officer and two civilians, and injuring nine others during an attack at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The gunman, who surrendered to police, has been identified as Robert Lewis Dear Jr., 57, who was born in Charleston, South Carolina, previously lived in North Carolina, and moved into a white trailer “on a “snow-covered patch of land in a hamlet [Hartsel, Colorado] ringed by the Rocky Mountains,” The New York Times reported.

He may have acted alone, and he may have mental health issues, but make no mistake, the gunman who attacked the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs is definitely part of a network; a network that has been responsible for murdering abortion providers and staff members, the bombing of clinics, and the terrorizing of clinic patients.

Although Dear’s motivation is not yet completely clear, here’s what we do know.

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