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The Pros and Cons of Legal Cannabis

Carl Gibson | Reader Supported News | September 29, 2013

White widow bud

White widow bud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the CPC, or Center for Palliative Care, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, a friend and I walked into Ben Reagan’s office in the back of the clinic. The walls were lined with extracts, concentrates, and edibles. Rotating shelves containing tubes of different strains of cannabis were neatly labeled with the name of the strain, the price per gram, and the percentage concentrations of Sativa and Indica. My friend asked Reagan what the difference was between White Widow and Widow’s Peak.

“The White Widow species produces several different kinds of plants that produce different kinds of effects,” Reagan said. “Widow’s Peak is usually seen as the height of potential for White Widow. What kind of effect are you looking for?”

“I want to have really great sex,” said my friend, who was visiting the CPC as a carrier of a medical card that gave him permission by the state of Washington to use medical cannabis for the back pain he had contracted from his years as a firefighter. “And I don’t want my partner to fall asleep.”

“Then you want to blend the Harlequin and the White Widow,” Reagan said. “It’s kind of heady, but still a little more on the fun side than the sleepy side. The White Widow is 60% Sativa blend, making it more of a daytime thing. The Indica strain is more for joint pain and insomnia.”

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