The Daily Queer News (DQN) is a National and International website and e-newsletter. The DQN was created January 2005. It originated from the Fenceberry News List.

It is ran by a lesbian couple who are both Veterans of the Armed Forces. Rauschell Lavin came on board in mid 2011; she served in the Air Force. Victoria Lavin, Editor, of the DQN has been with it since 2005. Primarily, DQN is a news outlet for individuals, organizations that service local, State, and National news.

Many articles will also be about other issues besides what is important for the Lesbian, Gay,Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and Intersex there will be issues of the current moment. DQN is a daily newsletter.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I need to talk to you to give you the inside scoop on one Gary Burns and some queer contacs (Stephen Pickells 2SER Queer Noise) who interviewed me and said “I support your Cause against [Gary And Catherine Burns / GLLO Gay police] I really do”. Find out why one of gary burns former friends and host of Sydney’s only gay radio show would break ranks with him. Queerty calls him most hated gay activist in Australia. You don’t know the full story. I’m willing to let you in or what’s really going on and you can use your own mind.

    I’m anti-pedophile, I have no problems whatsoever with two formally closet lesbians in the air force retiring with honor and distinction, then living together and having a wonderful life and being poltiical even if it’s a rival faction to my own. It’s when policies of the gay lobby hurt children that we are likely to cross swords. Lesbian Feminists are breaking ranks with the whole “gay dads – pay cheap asian woman to breed for us” front. Are you taking point like Germane Greer (since 2 days ago)? I’m offering you an audience. At 9:00 your time today I’ll call once.


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