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Facebook could trigger envy, depression – new study

RT News | Mar 2, 2015

A new study claims that spending too much time on social media network Facebook might have adverse effects on your mental health. RT’s Ameera David takes a look at this new information on how Facebook might be contributing to personal feelings of depression and envy.

Oklahoma Republicans Advance Bill Allowing Abusive ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’

Zaid Jilani | AlterNet | February 25, 2015

Oklahoma Republican State Rep. Sally Kern is notorious for being one of the nation’s most hateful anti-gay lawmakers; in 2011, she said that homosexuality is “more dangerous” than terrorism because it’s more present in our day-to-day lives.

Sadly, Kern has successfully managed to win a number of her colleagues over to her views. Her bill that would allow the abusive practice of gay conversion therapy was successfully passed out of the Oklahoma House Children, Youth, and Family Services committee  along a 5-3 vote, ensuring that it will advance to the full House.

“All across the nation, bills are being introduced to ban parents from having the right to take their children for counseling if they are struggling with same-sex attractions,” Kern told the local press about her bill. “As you know, we do lots of bills that are pre-emptive, so this is pre-emptive to make sure that parental rights are upheld.”

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‘Game changer’ HIV pill could cut infection risk by 86%



Dr Michael Brady, medical director at the HIV/Aids charity Terrence Higgins Trust, said "PrEP is, quite simply, a game-changer".<br />
Photo / 123RF

Dr Michael Brady, medical director at the HIV/Aids charity Terrence Higgins Trust, said “PrEP is, quite simply, a game-changer”. Photo / 123RF

The Sydney Morning Herald | February 26, 2015

A game-changing trial has shown that rates of HIV infection can be slashed by treating actively gay men with an anti-viral drug when they are healthy.

The Proud study, conducted in England, provides the first evidence that prophylactic HIV treatment is highly effective in a real-world setting.

It showed that pre-exposure to the HIV drug Truvada can reduce the risk of infection in men-who-have-sex-with-men by as much as 86 per cent.

Previous research had suggested that prophylactic treatment might cut HIV infection rates but it was unclear whether such an approach would work in practice.

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Calling Homosexuality A Curable Mental Disorder Is Consumer Fraud, N.J. Judge Rules

On Top Magazine | February 23, 2015

A New Jersey judge last week ruled that therapists who describe homosexuality as a curable mental disorder are committing consumer fraud.

Four gay men claim in the lawsuit that “ex-gay” therapy violates New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) filed the first-of-its-kind lawsuit in 2012 on behalf of the men who say Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) fraudulently claimed to provide services that “convert” people from gay to straight.

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American teenager undergoes world’s first penis reduction surgery

An American football ... not usually used as a simile when describing the size and shape

An American football … not usually used as a simile when describing the size and shape of a man’s manhood. Source: Supplied

Network Writers | News Corp Australia Network  | Perthnow | February 20, 2015

WHO knew that penis reduction surgery was a thing? 

You wouldn’t think there would be much call for it, but an American 17-year-old’s penis was simply too big, measuring an above-average 17.8cm in length but an entirely unmanageable 25.4cm in circumference.

And that was when it was in its flaccid state.

Dr Rafael Carrion, a urologist at the University of South Florida, told Mail Online it was a unique case.

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2 dead as UCLA attempts to control ‘super bug’ outbreak

Nano drones being perfected against heart disease

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