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Catherine McGregor, The World’s Highest Ranking Transgender Military Officer, Shares What It Was Like To Come Out

Catherine McGregor, The World's Highest Ranking Transgender Military Officer, Shares What It Was Like To Come Out

Catherine McGregor transitioned from male to female in 2012. (Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

 | Yahoo Health | April 8, 2015

Australian military officer Catherine McGregor, considered the most prominent transgender woman in Australia, functioned as a male until just after her 56th birthday, she shared in a speech at a National Press Club event in Canberra, Australia this week.

“I choose the term ‘functioned’ advisedly, because my relationship to my birth gender was fraught from a very young age,” McGregor, who is a group captain in the RAAF Reserve, said during her speech, reported Buzzfeed.

For people who are transgender, there is a difference between that person’s physical gender and the gender he or she actually identifies with. Gender dysphoria is a diagnosis included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which says, “for a person to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, there must be a marked difference between the individual’s expressed/experienced gender and the gender others would assign him or her, and it must continue for at least six months.”

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Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools: Survey Results and Recommendations

ILGA-Europe | March 19, 2015

Lithuanian member organisation, LGL, have released a publication on homophobic bullying in Lithuanian schools.

The publication, entitled ‘Homophobic Bullying in Lithuanian Schools: Survey Results and Recommendations’, shows that almost a quarter of teachers (23.3%) said that verbal bullying based on presumed or actual sexual orientation occurs often or very often.

LGL make several recommendations, including:

  • Raising teachers’ awareness of the fact that there are LGBT young people and students in their schools and that they face bullying and harassment
  • Educating teachers on how to provide support to these young people
  • Incorporating homophobic bullying into the general anti-bullying program
  • Ensuring that sexual education is taught in school
  • Creating support and informational systems for students

The full publication is available to download as a PDF file here.

“Equality for All” conference on discrimination issues faced by LGBT and Religion and Belief-based communities

ILGA-Europe | March 30, 2015

On 26 March,ILGA-Europe and ENORB, the European Network on Religion and Belief, jointly organised a ground-breaking event to examine existing and proposed equality legislation in Europe.

The event aimed at identifying common experiences of discrimination between LGBTI people and religious and belief groups, gaining knowledge on EU anti-discrimination legal framework and exploring areas of potential tension in a spirit of dialogue and mutual understanding.

After presentations by Equinet and the European Commission on the EU anti-discrimination framework, participants brainstormed on their lived experiences of discrimination in the areas of health, education, employment and access to goods and services. In the afternoon, they worked on case-studies aiming at identifying together ways forward to overcome tensions and misunderstandings.

60 persons attended the event, representing ILGA-Europe and ENORB members, but also equality bodies, and policy makers at EU level.

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Supreme Court Judge Calls Same-Sex Union Groundless

Supreme Court judge Charalambos Machairas said unions between same-sex couples are groundless, in a decision addressed to the court’s political department on Monday.

The judge said the Supreme Court should sustain a previous ruling by an appeals court nullifying the marriage of two women by the former municipal authority on the island of Tilos in the summer of 2008.

The couple challenged the decision by invoking Article 12 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which does not exclude same-sex couples from the right to marry.

The European Court of Human Rights has fined Greece in 2013 for failing to protect the rights, including domestic partnerships, of the country’s homosexual community. The same court described that there was discrimination to same-sex couples.

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Netanyahu switches on Palestine statehood, tensions lighten between US, Israel

RT News | March 20, 2015

Days after winning re-election, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reconsidered his stance on a Palestine state after making campaign promises to not allow one. The flip flop after the tight race has brought more questions of the next years of the Netanyahu leadership, especially possibility of the US supporting Palestinian statehood. RT’s Ben Swan speaks with Professor John Quigley from Ohio State University and gets his perspective of the recent events in the Israeli race.

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‘We Were Wrong’ to Invade Iraq Says Deputy PM Under Tony Blair

Tony Blair. (photo: AP)
Tony Blair. (photo: AP)

teleSUR | Reader Supported News | March 18, 2015

Lord John Prescott admitted that he and Tony Blair “were wrong” to invade Iraq.

former U.K. deputy prime minister has accused Tony Blair of radicalizing young British Muslims with his “bloody crusades.”

Speaking at fundraiser, Lord Prescott, who served as Blair’s deputy, admitted that the pair “were wrong” to invade Iraq.

“I was with Tony Blair on Iraq. We were wrong. They told us it wasn’t regime change. It was. And that’s exactly what the Americans have had. Now Tony, unfortunately is still in to that. I mean the way he’s going now, he now wants to invade everywhere,” Prescott said in remarks made last month but which came to light over the weekend.

Islamic scholars in Indonesia push for death penalty for sex abuse and gay and lesbian ‘crimes’

George Roberts | Yahoo News | March 17, 2015

Indonesia’s council of Islamic scholars is recommending the government allow the death penalty for a range of sex crimes including abuse, indecency and gay and lesbian “activities”.

The country’s Ulema Council or MUI has issued a Fatwa banning gay and lesbian activities, due to what it calls an “increasing number of sex abuse cases”.

A spokesman also said there had been an increase in “reports of deviant behaviour” and a risk “control of society” would be lost.

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