New Ugandan Report on LGBT Persecution

Melanie Nathan | Oblogdeeoblogda | April 22, 2016 

Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) has launched a report titled, “And That’s How I Survived Being Killed”: Testimonies of Human Rights Abuses from Uganda’s Sexual and Gender Minorities.

Slum in Kenya where urbanrefugees have been compelled to stay
Slum in Kenya – Ugandan urban LGBT refugees

The report is intended to document the many forms of persecution that LGBT identifying individuals in Uganda face. In this report, based on first-hand testimonies, Sexual Minorities Uganda documented from May 2014 until December 2015 the physical threats, violent attacks, torture, arrest, blackmail, non-physical threats, press intrusion, state prosecution, termination of employment, loss of physical property, harassment, eviction, mob justice, and family banishment that are all too often apart of the lived experience for sexual and gender minorities in Uganda.

This report has documented 264 verified cases of persecutions of LGBT individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Of the 264 cases documented in this report 48 involved acts of violence, including 35 cases involving physical threats or violent attacks, and 13 instances of torture by the state. The largest proportion of documented cases involved intimidation, with 84 cases, while 73 involved loss of property (including loss of employment, physical property, and eviction), and 59 involved social exclusion (including discrimination when accessing healthcare, community discrimination, and family banishment) — all of which the Ugandan government has failed to investigate.

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Emma Thompson takes a stand against homophobia in Scottish schools

Albertus van Aswegen | Gay Star News | April 24, 2016

Academy Award-winning actress, Emma Thompson joins Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) to put an end to homophobia and bullying in Scottish schools.

According to Stonewall Scotland’s School Report, 14% of LGBTI youth and 42% of trans youth have left education because of homophobic and transphobic bullying.

The suicide and self-harm rates are also high for a country that is seen as one of the most LGBTI-friendly in Europe.

Thompson said: ‘The time for homophobia is long gone. It’s over. Any young person indulging in homophobic bullying is a teenage dinosaur who should just go and sit coughing over a sherry in an old white men’s club…it’s not cool, it’s not intelligent and it’s not attractive.’

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Ghana politician: “Africa must resist homosexuality”

Bobby Rae | PinkNews | March 21, 2016

A former senior politician from Ghana has said the country must resist homosexuality.

Mike Ocquaye, who was the deputy speaker in parliament, said that despite pressure from Western governments to adopt LGBT rights, Ghana must resist.

“We have got to stand our ground,” he said in an interview with the Exclusive Breakfast Show.

“We have got to make certain things clear as Africans, and we’ve got to make people, at least, respect us that as for Africans, we say a man is not going to put his sexual organ into a man’s back, and that is Africa for us.”

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Ugandan Hate Preacher Given Visa to Speak in the UK

Melanie Nathan | Oblogdeeblogda | March 21, 2016 

When Uganda passed its Anti-Homosexuality Act back in December 2013, several religious leaders pushed hard for the Ugandan President to assent to the Bill, which came to be known as The Kill the Gays Bill.  Two such religious leaders include a certain married  couple,  Dr. Joseph Serwadda and  Pastor Freda Serwadda,  from the Victory Christian Centre.  Now the couple will be preaching in the United Kingdom and LGBTI activists are  angry that they have not been banned from entering the United Kingdom.

As can be seen from the poster below, on March 26, at 6 pm until midnight, the Serwaddas will be participating at a rally in East London, at the Rugby Football Club, 71 Holland Road, London E15 3BP in the United Kingdom.

Here is a direct quote from a Ugandan newspaper, at a time when President Yoweri Museveni was wavering on signing the Anti-Gay Bill, because he realized that the Parliament did not have a quorum when passing the legislation:

“Mr Museveni’s views on a piece of legislation that has rattled Western donors were targeting comments made by the head of one of the Pentecostal Churches associations in Uganda, Pastor Joseph Serwadda, calling on the President to sign the Bill against Homosexuality. Pastor Sserwadda told Mr Museveni that he has the backing of the religious leaders and should, therefore, go ahead and assent to the Anti-Pornography Bill and the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as they were passed by Parliament.”

Ugandan LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers,  now living in exile in the United Kingdom, after suffering direct persecution as a result of the anti-gay rhetoric expounded by the likes of  Joseph Serwadda, are incensed that the preacher, who in essence had called for  death to gays,  will be allowed to enter the United Kingdom.

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How the truth about being intersex was hidden from me for years

Ela Xora | Gay Star News | March 20, 2016

Last week I started a series of protests outside the UK Parliament, including chaining ourselves to the railings, to highlight intersex rights.

We felt compelled to do this because we are governed by laws which lie to the general public and mask the existence and human rights of intersex people.

I only started to learn the truth about myself a decade ago when I was introduced to someone at a boat party on the Thames. They had been raised as a boy but had always felt like a girl and had recently been told by their doctors they had XXY chromosomes.

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Ugandan President Museveni Has Signed the Perilous Anti NGO Bill

Melanie Nathan | Oblogdeeoblogda | February 22, 2016  

Warning: Every organization operating in Uganda,  in association with organizations in Uganda, sending funds to Uganda, placing resources in the hands of Ugandans must re evaluate their positions considering the new NGO ACT of 2016 – or alternatively immediately support those who will challenge this law before publication and implementation.  The window of opportunity is very small.
By Melanie Nathan, February 20, 2016.

MuseveniLast year we reported that Uganda’s Parliament had passed the NGO Bill, a repressive piece of anti civil society (non-profit organization) legislation. We now have word that on January 30, of this year,  President in fact signed this into law, and now the onerous NGO Act of 2016, is open to publication and implementation, at great risk to all organizations that do not meet with the government’s approval.

The NGO Act of 2016 will now stand as yet another stain on Uganda’s history, providing further cause for concern, with severe hardship and consequences on a parallel with the anti-Homosexuality Act, which was signed into law by President Museveni in 2014 and later invalidated by the Ugandan courts.

According to local Ugandan human rights groups- ” this law is not good news for organizations working on matters concerning groups like LGBTI persons, sex workers and other marginalized groups.”   In fact upon analysis, this Act is so repressive, that almost any organization can easily run foul of its terms, thereby providing the Museveni dictatorial government, known for its oppression of democratic principles and human rights abuses, with power tools to exacerbate their grip over the country.  This anti NGO law could have the impact of limiting or shutting down the work of all organizations which support, advance and assist in all areas of human rights and even development.

Analysts at HRAPF note from the Act that: “Section 44 on special obligations and its imposition of obligations “not to do anything prejudicial to the security of Uganda and to the interests and dignity of Ugandans”  is so vague and ambiguous that it can be used as an excuse to close down any organization.”   That means the very organization that protect Ugandans from human rights abuses, assault on democracy, anti- gay milieus, and even lawyers who provide assistance through such organizations, can be summarily shut down.

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Despite blacklash, LGBTI people make global gains

Peter Tatchell | San Diego Gay & Lesbian News | February 12, 2016

The last few years have witnessed an unnerving backlash against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in twenty countries, including Russia, Morocco, Uganda, Brunei, Syria, Nigeria and The Gambia.

This escalating repression has included more vigorous enforcement of long-standing laws criminalising same-sex relations; resulting in highly publicised arrests in several countries, including Cameroon, Egypt and Senegal.

Nearly 80 countries still have a total prohibition on same-sex relations. Over half of them are members of the Commonwealth.

Their homophobic laws were imposed by Britain in the nineteenth century, during the era of colonialism, and retained after independence.

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This Way Out: Trans Studies at University of Victoria

the international LGBT radio magazine
for the week of 01-25-16
(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Faith groups tackle trans inclusion;
Trans studies matriculate at the University of Victoria;
Olympian Gus Kenworthy explains why he didn’t come out in Sochi;
A poisonous amendment threatens Italy’s civil unions bill, U.S. gay vets
get spousal benefits equity, a lesbian activist is Guatemala’s first out
Congressperson, a Russian city fears a “gay fish festival”, more news!
– In “NewsWrap” – Italian lawmakers discuss criminalizing overseas surrogacy for queer couples before considering a civil unions bill for them… the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department finally offers equal spousal benefits to married lesbian & gay service members in all 50 states… Britain closes a legal loophole that denied next of kin status to a legally married gay widower whose husband tragically died during their honeymoon in Adelaide, South Australia… Guatemala has its first out Congressperson (Sandra Moran) and the U.S. state of Minnesota has its first out state Supreme Court justice (Margaret Chutich)… the Russian city of Arkhangelsk bans a proposed “gay fish festival” as a violation of the nation’s 2013 law against “exposing minors to gay propaganda”… and more LGBT news from around the world (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by SARAH SWEENEY and WENZEL JONES).
– The UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA in the western CANADIAN province of BRITISH COLUMBIA announced the creation this week of the world’s first Chair in Transgender Studies, and the world’s largest archives dedicated to transgender people. In a video on the university’s website accompanying the announcement, Professor of Sociology DR. AARON DEVOR, the Chair’s first “occupant”, talked about the historic advance for the trans community.
– “Transgender Welcome” is a new resource booklet for faith communities published by the Center for American Progress. It’s written by retired out EPISCOPAL BISHOP GENE ROBINSON with a colloquium of transgender and allied faith leaders. He introduced the resource booklet this week in a dialog with transgender Baptist pastor ALLYSON ROBINSON (LUCIA CHAPPELLE reports).
– Openly-gay Sochi Olympics freeskier silver medalist GUS KENWORTHY talked about coming out during an appearance on the U.S. TV cable channel TBS’s late-night talk show hosted by CONAN O’BRIEN.
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Same-sex marriage threatens Coalition unity

Matthew Knott, Mark Kenny | The Age | January 27, 2016

Same-sex marriage reform advocates within the Turnbull government have reacted angrily to the plans of some hardline conservatives to vote “no change” in Parliament even if a future plebiscite votes “yes”.

Arrangements for the plebiscite are being worked through with a view to a final set of options within weeks.

Senator Cory Bernardi will vote against same-sex marriage no matter what the Australian public says.Senator Cory Bernardi will vote against same-sex marriage no matter what the Australian public says. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Opponents, including Abbott loyalist Eric Abetz and conservative strongman Cory Bernardi, have begun speaking out, declaring they will not back the change, regardless of public opinion. One MP said he expected others would also vote against reform, “come what may”.

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LGBT activists rally as Hong Kong government delays discrimination legislation

Fridae News | January 27, 2016

Nine LGBT groups have released a strong joint statement criticising the government for a decision to delay legislation to protect sexual minorities from discrimination at a press conference last week.

A long awaited report by Hong Kong’s government into eliminating discrimination against sexual minorities has concluded that “more studies and public consultation are needed” on the issue. The report took two and a half years to compile by Hong Kong’s Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimination against Sexual Minorities.

Last week, a press conference was organised by some of the city’s most prominent LGBT supporters. A total of nine organisations included lawmaker Ray Chan Chi-Churn and singer Denise Ho Wan-see, to denounce the report.

Significantly Chan, who was a member of the advisory group working on the report, claimed that most of the members of the group were in favour of legislation—but that this was not represented. Chan has asked for his name to removed from the report.

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