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How ISIS managed to take down the US-backed Iraqi military

RT News | Mar 5, 2015

After the fall of Saddam Hussein, it appeared that the Iraqi military would be able to withstand any force, especially considering that the country had been given billions of dollars in both political and military support. But in a shocking turn of events, the moment that the Islamic State made their presence felt, the army immediately folded to the terrorist group. RT’s Manuel Rapalo has more on how the army fell apart and left a power vacuum for ISIS.

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Origins of ISIS – Special Coverage

RT News | Mar 5, 2015

In a special report, RT America examines the origins, power and expansion of the terrorist group known as the Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS). RT’s Ben Swann delves into the roots of the organization while Ameera David explains how the group amasses the millions of dollars it requires to operate. Finally, Manuel Rapalo explores how the Iraqi army fell apart despite benefiting from billions of dollars of US money – and military hardware – meant to ensure security.

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Christians forming militias to fight against ISIS – Middle East advocate

RT News | Mar 5, 2015

The Islamic State has become known for its brutal violence and persecution of Assyrian Christians in the regions it occupies, but there still remains some mystery regarding the conditions Assyrian Christians live under in Aleppo, Syria and other villages in the northern part of the country. RT’s Ben Swann speaks with Dr. George Kiraz, Director of the Syriac Institute, about the history of and the violence that people have faced in the region.

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The Ukrainian National Strategy on Human Rights THE IMPORTANCE OF INCLUDING LGBT ISSUES

Letter released today March 3, 2015 concerning

The Ukrainian National Strategy on Human Rights . . .  
We urge our international friends and supporters to support our advocacy efforts to
include LGBT-issues into the Ukrainian National Strategy on Human Rights — currently
under consideration by the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev, deadline March 31, 2015.
Please see attached Letter in pdf format.
Thank you!Andriy Maymulakhin

LGBT Human Rights NASH MIR Center
Tel./fax: +380 44 296-34-24
Postal address: P.O. Box 173, Kyiv, 02100, UKRAINE

Coordinator on LGBT Human Rights, Council of LGBT Organisations of Ukraine

Sydney man jailed after luring then robbing victims he met on gay social networking app Grindr

| Sydney Morning Herald | March 3, 2015

A man who met his victims on the social networking app Grindr before robbing them at knifepoint has been sentenced to at least 17 months jail.

Corey Draper, 23, contacted the victims via Grindr, a mobile app favoured by gay, bi-sexual and bi-curious men, the Sydney District Court heard on Tuesday.

Draper used the app to locate potential victims in his area. After chatting online, the suggestion was made to meet up to use the drug ice.

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Netanyahu a ‘Danger’ to Israel, Say 200 Israel Veterans

Benjamin Netanyahu. (photo: Reuters)
Benjamin Netanyahu. (photo: Reuters)

Jonathan Cook | Middle East Eye | Reader Supported News | March 2, 2015

A group of Israeli generals have launched an unprecedented attack on the prime minister as he prepares to address the US Congress


n an unprecedented move, 200 veterans of the Israeli security services accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday of being a “danger” to Israel.

The new group, called Commanders for Israel’s Security, warned that Netanyahu was doing irreparable harm to the country’s relationship with Washington, just two days before he is due to address the US Congress.

The Israeli prime minister is expected to use the speech to try to undermine negotiations currently taking place between major world powers and Iran. He has claimed that any agreement reached at the talks’ conclusion, later this month, will leave Iran a “nuclear threshold state” hellbent on destroying Israel.

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Shocking Report Reveals Uganda Police Abuse Gays

Melanie Nathan | Oblogdeeoblogda | February 27, 2015.

Ugandan Police report Chapter fourA new 27 page report has been published indicating grave violations and human rights abuses in Uganda by Ugandan Police towards people arrested under suspicion of being LGBTI.
The report categorically notes that the Ugandan police harass and physically abuse gay (LGBTI) people in custody. Chapter Four Uganda documented several cases of men suspected of being homosexual having intrusive physical examinations.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda under old British Penal Codes. After the Anti-homosexuality Act which was enacted to ensure harsher punishment for homosexuality and so called promotion thereof was invalidated by the Courts, plans to introduce new harsher legislation have been resumed.

The report entitled Where Do We Go for Justice? Noted that officers routinely refused to look into cases reported by gay men and lesbians.

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