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Polish Senate votes on first-ever Gender Accordance Act

ILGA-Europe | August 15, 2015

However, the Act was passed with significant last-minute amendments which unfortunately could add another layer of procedural difficulty to the gender recognition process.

ILGA-Europe send our support to all our Polish member organisations , national LGBTI activists and supportive parliamentarians, such as the bill’s champion Anna Grodzka MP, who have fought to get the law to this stage. We will continue to support them in their future efforts to make this law more inclusive.

The Gender Accordance Act  is an attempt to codify the legal gender recognition process for the first time. Previously, trans people in Poland had to go through a series of court proceedings – a confusing and stressful process – and endure lengthy waiting times for decisions. Now anyone applying for legal gender recognition will have to fulfil three criteria: they must be a Polish citizen; unmarried and present two supporting medical opinions for assessment by a regional court.

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5 Reasons You May Be Surprised By Your Marijuana Edibles

Phillip Smith | AlterNet | August 29, 2015


Edibles are an increasing share of the marijuana market, yet we really don’t know much about how they work.

The popularity of marijuana edibles has been one of the big surprises of the seismic culture shift we are undergoing around weed. Maybe it’s because of the increasing social disdain around smoking anything, or maybe it’s part of that whole foodie thing, but edibles are big business.

In Colorado alone, more than five million edible marijuana products were sold (and presumably consumed) last year. Edibles didn’t go on sale in Washington state until mid-year last year, but they’re reporting going gangbuster up there, too. And they make up an increasing share of the market in medical marijuana states, particularly California.

But edibles can be problematic. People unfamiliar with them get can way too messed up—witness Maureen Dowd and her infamous marijuana candy bar episode, or, more tragically, the case of the college student who leapt to his death after consuming them.

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Ireland’s President gives assent to gay marriage constitutional amendment

Joesph Patrick McCormick | Pink News | August 31, 2015

President Michael Higgins signed the amendment into law on Saturday, following a referendum in May at which equal marriage was approved.

Now that the law has been signed, legislation can now be brought forward to enact same-sex marriage.

In doing so, Ireland will become the first to legalise equal marriage based on a popular vote, as a referendum was required to move constitutional change.

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Christian Reconstruction: Evangelical Christianity’s Outrageous and Influential Far-Right Fringe


(Photo: Toby Hudson)


BILL BERKOWITZ  | Truthout | Buzzfeed | August 25, 2015

Here’s a simple question: Have you ever heard of Christian Reconstruction, Rousas J. Rushdoony, or one of his most influential works, The Institutes of Biblical Law? Probably not! Christian Reconstruction, is a religious belief system, set out by the late Rushdoony, which maintains that every aspect of society – church, state, family, economy — should be based on Biblical law. It is evangelical Christianity’s right-wing fringe, yet its tentacles reach deep into the Clown Car that is the Republican Party’s field of presidential candidates. Is Christian Reconstruction so fringed out that it is not worthy of attention? Not according to Julie J. Ingersoll, author of the new book, Building God’s Kingdom: Inside the World of Christian Reconstruction, who posits that Reconstructionists’ “biblical worldview” played, and continues to play, a highly influential role, although subtle and often hidden, in contemporary right-wing politics.

When Christian Reconstructionists say God’s law — as it is revealed in the Old and New Testaments — should control every aspect of life, they mean every aspect, interpreting the Bible as mandating a challenge to the legitimacy of democracy, justifying slavery, and advocating the stoning to death of homosexuals, adulterers, and Sabbath-breakers. If any of this sounds familiar, you might be thinking Taliban and/or ISIS.

As investigative reporter John F. Sugg pointed out in a 2004 extensive piece in Tampa, Florida’s Weekly Planet, “Most churchgoers have never heard of Christian Reconstruction or theonomy. Believers would be hard-pressed to define ‘dominion theology,’ ‘covenant theology,’ ‘pre-millennial,’ [or] ‘post- millennial.’ … Nor would most Americans reflexively embrace a ‘theology’ that denounced all government social programs, public schools, environmental protections — a religion that promoted mass executions for sins as minor as swearing at parents, …”

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Gary Gates on the past, present and future LGBT movement

Sarah Toce | Windy City Times | August 26, 2015

Researching the demographic characteristics of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population is no easy task, but it’s a business Blachford-Cooper Distinguished Scholar & Williams Institute Research Director Gary J. Gates has perfected over time.

“I see much of my work as attempting to make visible LGBT populations that have historically not been visible in data sources often used to inform public policy [like the U.S. Census],” Gates said. “This can promote further academic research, but also can help advocates for LGBT rights by providing data to support policy arguments. For example, Justice Kennedy cited my research in his majority opinion in Obergefell as showing that same-sex couples were providing loving and nurturing homes to hundreds of thousands of children.”

Gates earned his B.S. at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, his M.Div. at St. Vincent College and his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University.

“My doctoral dissertation involved the first large demographic analyses of same-sex couples and their families using 1990 U.S. Census data, which was the first time that cohabiting same-sex couples [who were not roommates or siblings] could be identified,” he said. “Over the years, much of my work focused on understanding the characteristics of same-sex couples and their families using subsequent Census Bureau data resources. I have also promoted inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity measures in other large data sources to allow for the study of LGBT populations beyond those in same-sex couples.”

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How the US Police Turn Drivers Into Moving Targets

'The US Department of Justice, prominent international policing experts and most major police departments across the US agree: police officers should not fire their guns into moving cars.' (photo: Guardian UK)
‘The US Department of Justice, prominent international policing experts and most major police departments across the US agree: police officers should not fire their guns into moving cars.’ (photo: Guardian UK)


Jon Swaine, Jamiles Lartey and Oliver Laughland | Guardian UK | Reader Supported News | September 1, 2015


US police have fatally shot 30 people in moving vehicles this year, despite federal guidelines advising them not to. Why have police departments pulled the trigger on drivers rather than reform?


ommy Maness had no choice but to shoot, they said.

Called to tackle a supposed late-night fight at a roadside diner in Alexander City, Alabama, the 34-year-old police corporal saw Emerson Crayton Jr, a young black man, hurry into his Ford SUV in the restaurant’s parking lot and start the engine.

Maness knocked on the driver’s window and told Crayton to get out. But Crayton, 21, reversed out of his space. Then he turned his wheels toward Maness, police chief Willie Robinson alleged, and “tried to run over the officer”. Maness “could not get out of the way of the vehicle”, so instead he fired his Glock pistol into it at least three times. Crayton, who was unarmed, died from a shot to the head.

According to an Alabama state bureau of investigations file on the shooting obtained by the Guardian, however, things unfolded differently.

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Caitlyn Jenner to be sued for $18.5 million following car crash in February

Caitlyn Jenner to be sued for $18.5 million following car crash in February

Caitlyn Jenner is set to be sued for her involvement in a road accident in February.


Ashlee Kelly | Gay Star News | August 29, 2015

Trans icon and former Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner is set to be sued for $18.5 million for her involvement in a road accident in February that left a woman dead.

Entertainment news site TMZ have reported that the driver and four passengers of a Hummer, which was hit during the accident, are planning to sue Jenner, stating her negligence caused the crash.

The group have also filed a lawsuit against the estate of Kim Howe, who died in the accident, for the same amount, claiming the deceased was also negligent in the accident.

The accident back in February occurred after Jenner collided with a Lexus whilst driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles. The Lexus was then pushed into oncoming traffic, where it was hit by the Hummer.

Jenner has also been by Jessica Steindorff, whose car was also hit by the reality star in the accident, and a lawsuit for wrongful death against her has been filed by the stepchildren of Howe.

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